Basic Make Up

Just like a house applies, the basis (the foundation) must be good, you want to be able to build a solid house. It is actually no different for applying makeup. Only when the basis is in order, you can apply the makeup in the best way. Read more about Basic Make Up here.

You apply the basic makeup according to a tight step-by-step plan

Applying Make Up, and then definitely the basis, according to finishing a clear step-by-step plan. The first thing you do every morning is cleaning the skin.

That is very important. Clean your face with a facial cleanser and water. If your face is clean, then you can use a toner. It is then wise to use an exfoliant.

This ensures the removal of dead cells and prevents your inflammation to get the skin. You also get so much less quickly with pimples.

Never forget to apply day cream

Only when all your skin is cleaned is it time for the first care of the skin. If you have dry skin, it is better to apply a serum or to lubricate the area around the eyes with an eye cream.

Then use your day cream. This day cream is something that you never forget and no day skips. Choose a day cream with SPF. Then you are also protected for a number of hours against UV radiation. Always spend day cream generously.

By applying a primer, the foundation remains much better

What you do is to apply a primer. Primer ensures that the foundation will remain better. A primer also ensures that the pores become smaller and also ensures that the wrinkles become less visible.

A primer also ensures delicious smooth skin, so that the foundation later slips a lot easier over your face.

Foundation you have in liquid and in a powder form

Then it is high time to make a Foundation, a BB Cream or CC Cream. A foundation, incidentally, gives more coverage than the said creams. You have foundation in a liquid form.

In addition, you can also opt for a powder foundation, a powder that consists of minerals. In that case you choose a full natural product: highly recommended!

You can easily arrange the foundation with your fingers, a beauty blender or of course with a brush. The beauty blender is increasingly used, just like special sponges that nowadays are specially produced for applying a foundation.

After the foundation you apply concealer

If you have applied the foundation, it has become high time for a concealer. By first laying found foundation, you often have to use less from the concealer and a lot of foundation is not swept away.

Concealer also works the dark circles under the eyes away and with concealer you can also highlight certain parts of the face. You put on the concealer in the form of triangles under the eyes.

If you do that, then you create a lifting effect to work away the dark circles in the most beautiful way. So use your fingers or pass a brush.

Give your face a summer glow

Apply the Basic Make Up then continues with the option of applying a powder. After a foundation and a concealer you can better matte your face with a powder or give more coverage.

You have both transparent powders and powders in the same shade as the foundation. Beware that you don't get glitter in the powder and use a larger facothes.

Then if you have a bleaching face, you can opt for a bronzer. With a bronzer you get a summer glow, so a browner shade. Apply it along the hair edge to your forehead and follow it in the direction of the cheekbones.

Before you know it you close it

Do you want a blush on the cheeks? Then choose a blush. Apply it to the higher parts of the cheeks. Just yes, those parts that you see when you smile. Always make sure that no edges arise.

Do not work too close to your nose or your ears. It is best to put the blush in a small and a bit of an oval shape. That certainly gives the most beautiful effect.

Choose a subtle color and do not express the whole. And so you see that it is not very complicated to make the basic makeup. On the contrary. The step-by-step plan is fast in your system and before you know it you do it with your eyes closed.