Best tips for applying blush

Whatever is going on in the world of makeup, blush survives all storms and simply remains the go-to makeup of many, many women.

Strangely enough, many of the users still don't know how to actually apply blush in the best way. That is why you can read all about applying blush here.

Brush on the cheek and towards the ears

It will look familiar to many women. You just put the brush on the cheek and then stroke it towards the ears. Applying blush in this way is very common.

Experts, however, take a different view. They believe that applying blush should be done the other way around. They believe this in the knowledge that the product always stays where the blush touches the skin for the first time.

However, because there is already a lot of color in the cheeks in nine out of ten cases, it can certainly become a bit too much of a good thing around that area. And you don't want that.

If you start applying blush from the temples and work in the direction of the cheek, then the problem is not there. The color distribution is then more natural and you get something that resembles an optical facelift.

The shape of your head influences the application of blush

We look at the application of blush and the shape of the head. Because the shape of your head influences the best way to apply blush. Do you have a slightly longer face?

Then it is important to apply a little extra to the apples on the cheeks. You continue that line in the direction of sleep. Just make sure that the product flows subtly to the nose.

If you don't, then a hard line can arise that suddenly stops. If the cheekbones are in a prominent position, it is recommended to pull the blush down a little.

A tip then; dab a touch of blush on your forehead and the sides of the eyebrows. In this way, one whole is created, as it were.

Take into account the prominent cheekbones

You can also have a more heart-shaped face, after all, everyone is different. Do you have a face like a heart shape? Then you often have prominent cheekbones and a somewhat narrower chin.

Apply the product from the top of the temple to the cheekbones. You can now use a little more blush. Make sure that you spread everything neatly in the direction of sleep.

On the apples of your cheeks

Do you look in the mirror and discover a more square face? Then it is important to soften the corners of your face. You can then dot the blush all over the cheekbone, in the direction of your eyebrows.

Then you sweep the product up from the cheekbone, in the direction of, of course, the eyebrow. You do things differently with a rounder face. You then put the blush on the apples of the cheeks and you then wipe it up in the direction of the temples.

Do not wipe in the direction of the nose. If you do, you will make the face even rounder.

First, wipe the product towards your earlobe

There are also people who have a face that you would rather describe as oval. The cheekbones are also prominent. So be the first to apply blush to the cheekbones.

Then you wipe the product towards the earlobe and from there to your temple. Then there actually remains an important aspect of applying blush: do you do that with your fingers or with a brush?

In a general sense, you can say that if you use powder blush, you prefer to do this with a fine blush brush. If you opt for a cream blush or a blush stick, you can also apply it to your face with your fingers.

Do you opt for a brush or for the fingers?

You use blush for various purposes and a special blush always fits. Do you just want a healthier glow? Then choose a cream. The powder blush is ideal if you want to accentuate certain parts of your face.

And so it depends on various factors which is the best blush for you. Did you find that product? Then you look at the method of application and choose a brush or your fingers.

Do you use brushes? Then clean it very regularly. The brushes can quickly become a hotbed for bacteria, while dead skin cells sometimes want to get stuck in the brush. And that is the last thing you want of course.