Concealer before or after foundation?

It is a question that is very similar to the well-known chicken and egg question. What do you apply before, foundation or concealer? Although there are people who continue to think structurally differently, it is really wise to always apply the foundation first, followed by a concealer. Foundation does not mean "foundation" for nothing and you always lay the foundation first.

Modern woman thinks about what she puts on the face

It is not at all bad that the discussion about foundation and concealer is still going on, because it means that the modern woman is thinking about what to apply to the face and in what order.

Meanwhile, the real connoisseurs agree that the order of applying make-up is the following: primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blusher, eyes, brows and a fixing spray.

Apply a good primer before the foundation and concealer

One thing is for sure, even before the discussion can be started on whether concealer can be used before or after foundation, apply a primer to your face.

You can consider a primer as important as a good foundation or concealer. The primer is therefore also essential for applying make-up, if you strive for perfection.

A good primer has so-called working ingredients that have a strong nurturing effect. Primer ensures that the foundation stays in the right place for a long time and is the ultimate fix for make-up.

Moreover, by applying a primer you prevent the ultra shiny face appearance so hated by women. Reason enough to always apply a primer first.

After the primer you lay the foundation and get started with foundation

Once the primer has been applied, get started with the base, so with the foundation. Concealer before or after foundation is a question that is easy to answer: you apply the foundation first.

Only then do you get started with concealer. As you know, you apply foundation with either a brush or just your fingers.

It is wise to leave the under eye area open in most situations. Usually a foundation is too heavy for that.

Apply concealer only after foundation

After applying foundation, it is finally time for the concealer. Concealer is an extremely effective way to get rid of and cover up dark circles and red spots.

Concealer is fine with your fingers, especially when it comes to the area under the eyes. You put dots and then wipe them out very easily with your fingers. It couldn't be easier.

You fix the applied base with powder

Although the discussion often focuses on the question of concealer before or after foundation, it is also quite interesting in that context what the next step is after concealer.

The next step is the application of powder. Actually, that is a product that also belongs to the concealer and foundation. This is because powder fixes the applied base.

It is good to use a good brush for this in order to fix the applied base in the best possible way.

With powder and a large brush you also create a look that is as transparent and natural as possible. The chance of so-called shine is also smaller if you finish the concealer and foundation with a powder.

With a spray the make-up can no longer go

After the powder has been applied and the problem of concealer before or after foundation has also been resolved, apply bronzer. This gives a facial structure.

Then you get to work with blusher, eyes, brows to finish with a fixing spray. The final step, applying a spray, is just as important as laying the foundation with foundation and concealer.

The spray must ensure that the make-up stays in place as well as possible. You can therefore consider the spray as a kind of liquid glue that, as it were, lays an extra layer.

The result is that your make-up really has nowhere to go and that the whole feels as solid as a house and actually fits.

Only if you use the right order will make-up stay long and well

If you follow the above sequence, you can be sure that you have applied the make-up correctly. Important, because only then will it stay in place long enough.

Because that is the topic that often concerns women the most; whether the make-up lasts long enough and, above all, stays in place nicely.