First concealer or foundation?

Women who regularly or even make every day who know that concealer and foundation are indispensable products.

Simply asked you care with these products that all unevenness are taken out of the face and that the face gets an even complexion.

Now the big question is still being asked whether you should first use a concealer or foundation. Read here the search for the correct answer.

First Concealer of Foundation? Expert opinion is quite different

A concealer provides equalization of the skin fold and takes away imperfections in the skin. The complexion is so flawless.

Many people say that there is no truth when it comes to the question first Concealer of Foundation. It is, so a group of people, a matter of personal preference.

Moreover, many women handle the Make Up technique as learned by their mother. And that method often holds a lot of life.

First place the base and therefore first apply Foundation

With everything you do you always always put the basics. In this case, that means that you first apply Foundation to the skin. Kiders know that if your crème Foundation or BB or CC crème uses, you always first apply Foundation and then adjust the concealer.

Foundation is also meant to equalize the complexion in your face and to reduce discolorations in the face. If you do not start the foundation first, then it is difficult to determine how much concealer is now necessary to relieve them and to clear them.

Moreover, many users say that if you first make a concealer, you remove the effect when you do a foundation over it. That would therefore be an unnecessary act.

You can also opt for a mix of Concealer and Foundation

What is also an option for the notorious doubter is that you use the concealer as a foundation. How? You can do that by mixing Foundation a bit with a moisturizer or serum with concealer.

The concealer is specifically for the removal of the irregularities. With Foundation you also get an even tint. You have a concealer in different colors, it is a fact that a green concealer is suitable to remove red spots in particular.

Yellow concealers work ramparts and pink concealers also help when you have miracles under the eyes. Finally, the Orange Concealer, is able to work away the light blue spots.

Concealer ideally bring to a brush, although your fingers are also a great alternative.

Sin of time and the amount of concealer that you use

Are you going to work with Foundation and Concealer for the first time? Then keep the rule that you first apply the foundation before you start working with a concealer. First let the foundation level the skin.

With this you already needed a lot of concealer to work away every pimples and unevenness in your face. Moreover, if you first make a concealer, the chance is that you give away half of the concealer as it were.

Then it is really a shame of the time that you will still take the concealer. In addition, it is pure waste if you first apply Foundation and only then concealer on your face.

Where do you feel most pleasant?

First Concealer of Foundation? The question will arrest. The good answer is somewhere in the middle Although it seems more logical to apply for Foundation.

It is not for nothing that the literal translation of Foundation 'Basis'. And the base is always the first thing you make. For the rest, it is primarily a matter of what you feel good at you. That is therefore the only correct answer to this best difficult question.

Apply a concealer where that is necessary

What you should not forget is that concealer is not an alternative to foundation. You therefore use both products together. If you now want more coverage, use sure to always use Foundation after using concealer.

Always bring a concealer where it is really necessary and let the concealer just join your natural complexion. If you now have a little more dry skin, preferably no liquid concealer with matte finish.

Then your drier skin is only emphasized more. Many users of both products now choose Foundation. The reason is simple; If you do it the other way around, you can easily lubricate the concealer used with the application of Foundation.

This does not apply to the dark circles under the eyes. In that case you prefer not to use a foundation, but only concealer. With your fingers you then bring the concealer under the eyes to get rid of the dark circles under the eyes.