Foundation brush

Foundation is simply indispensable for every woman who wants to look groomed and fresh every day. If you use make-up, you also use foundation.

Foundation ensures that your make-up stays in place better and that for a longer period of time. Preferably use a brush to apply foundation.

And there are now a lot of the foundation brush in circulation. Important; Regardless of which brush you use, clean the brushes thoroughly at least once a week to kill the bacteria that can settle in brushes.

With the right foundation you lay the foundation for a sparkling look

As the name suggests, foundation is the basis. If you don't have the foundation in order, your make-up will never stay in place for a long time. To apply the foundation correctly, you should preferably use a brush specially developed for foundation.

That is and remains the best way to apply foundation, although there are women who try to do this with their hands. However, nothing works better than a brush. For those who want perfection, a brush is simply indispensable.

Not only the foundation is getting better, that also applies to the available brushes

There is not one type of foundation brush available. On the contrary. Just as the foundation itself is getting better, so is the brush. Over the years, more and more brushes have been added that enable more precise work.

With a brush you can ensure that the foundation is always well distributed over the face. The chance of streaks is also significantly less than if you think you can do it by hand.

The brush also guarantees a result that is as natural as possible. Reason enough to also purchase a special brush for applying foundation.

Choose a basic set with the four main foundation brushes

Now you can look for the best brush for you based on the way you use make-up. You can also make it easier for yourself and buy a basic set of brushes.

Then you are fairly set. Such a basic set often consists of a square foundation brush, a buffing brush, a detailing brush and a contour brush. With such a basic set you can move forward and you can always apply the foundation in a perfect way.

For when you strive for an even result

With the square foundation brush you have the certainty of a very beautiful and above all even result. The buffing foundation brush is also popularly called a mixing brush.

This brush is perfect for applying and blending mineral powder or foundation. Because the hairs of this brush are close together, you can also apply the foundation intensely.

A smaller brush is the detailer brush. With this foundation brush you can work extremely accurately. Such a brush is also perfectly suitable for applying the concealer (after foundation) and lipstick, for example.

Perfect shaping and also suitable for highlighter

The popular basic set with foundation brushes finally consists of the contour brush. With this brush you can not surprisingly apply contours, or shape.

This brush is very sturdy. This allows you to apply foundation, but also blush, bronzer or highlighter in a truly perfect and accurate way. With these four brushes you already have the most important brushes at home.

A brush with both white and black hair

Furthermore, the flat foundation brush and the stippling brush are sometimes distinguished. The flat foundation brush is also a well-known brush for applying foundation.

This brush makes it possible to apply the creamy and liquid foundation evenly on the face. The brush that goes by the name stippling brush has both black and white hairs that are not too close together.

This brush is perfect if you are a frequent user of liquid foundations and apply blushes in a very light way.

Extra brushes and cleaning the brushes

If you want to have more brushes at home, think of the shading brush, the medium shadow brush and the essential crease brush. Don't forget the fine liner brush or the lash separator.

The lash separator helps you to remove lumps or if your eyelashes are stuck together after applying a product to your skin. Regardless of which brush you use, make sure you start cleaning the brushes well at least once a week.

If you don't, every brush can grow into a hotbed full of bacteria. And that is of course the last thing you want.