How to clean a foundation brush

It is essential that the foundation brush is clean and cleaned regularly. With clean brushes you apply the foundation much better.

In addition, bacteria can develop in the brushes, just like fungi. Cleaning a foundation brush is more than just a little rinse. We explain how to clean a foundation brush.

It just works better with a clean brush

It is more pleasant to work with a clean brush. If you do not wash your brush, it will also become heavier over time and is less usable. With a dirty foundation brush, the applied foundation also becomes a bit streaky and sometimes even smudged.

Brushes that are dirty are also bad for the skin. This has everything to do with the fact that bacteria like to settle in dirty brushes. Bacteria along with dirt can even lead to dermatitis.

Make-up artists disinfect their brushes for a reason

It is not for nothing that make-up artists always disinfect their brushes. That is a bit exaggerated for at home. However, it is important to clean your brushes once a week and once every fourteen days you really clean the brushes very well.

Then you also remove all leftovers. If you use a beauty blender or sponge, you will need to clean these products more often. A beauty blender and a sponge attract even more bacteria and dirt.

Cleaning the foundation brush can be done with a liquid detergent

Cleaning a foundation brush, for example, is fine with a liquid cleaning agent. The bristles of the brush are also cleaned well with such an agent.

In addition, it is known that liquid detergent can break down make-up residues. Make sure that not too much liquid cleaning agent remains on the brush.

Do use a sulfate-free shampoo to clean the brushes

You can also use the shampoo that you normally put in your hair to properly clean the foundation brushes. Make sure to use sulfate-free shampoo.

If you don't, a layer can remain on the brush and that layer can cause skin irritation in the form of clogged pores.

There are also special sprays available for cleaning the foundation brush. If you use a spray, dry the brush afterwards with a paper towel.

Thoroughly clean the brushes once every fourteen days

Once every fourteen days you are going to clean the foundation brush in a very thorough way. How do you do that? Initially fill a mug with warm water and add a few drops of soap or shampoo.

You turn the brush around in the mug. Do this by slowly moving the brush from the bottom to the side. Do this slowly, otherwise the brush may lose its shape.

Do you work with a soap cube? Then run the brush over the block under running water and then clean the brush with your fingers. You then rinse the brushes carefully with lukewarm water. You do this until you are sure that the make-up has completely disappeared from the brush.

Drying: keep the brush side down

If the brush has become slightly out of shape during the work, you can lay it flat to dry. Preferably you let the brush dry on a half rolled up towel. You keep the brush side down. This way the moisture does not get into the brush, but it runs out.

Replace the brush if the bristles come off

Incidentally, the foundation brushes can last a very long time. You don't have to replace them quickly, especially if you clean them regularly. If the bristles fall out, it is high time to get a replacement brush.

This is not necessary earlier. If we look a bit further then just the foundation brushes, it is of course also important to always keep the other brushes clean.

In principle, this applies to any make-up brush. You can also apply different cleaning methods for the regular make-up brush.

Make sure only the bristles of the brush get wet

For example, you can keep the brushes clean with a special brush cleaner and with the help of (baby) shampoo, water with olive oil and washing-up liquid. When cleaning brushes, try to wet only the bristles of the brushes.

Let the wood and iron dry. If those parts become damp, rotting can occur. Furthermore, you never push too hard on the brush. Also, do not use hot water to clean the brushes.

Cleaning and keeping the foundation brush clean is therefore very important. With a clean brush, your foundation doesn't apply as well. Moreover, the brush can easily become a hotbed of bacteria and fungi. And that is of course the last thing you want.