Foundation make lighter does not have to be difficult

It can happen that you have bought a foundation that is in practice on the dark side. A pity of course, but there is certainly something to do this problem. We give you some tips here that help to make your foundation lighter.

Foundation is the basic layer under the rest of the makeup

For the record; Foundation is also called a fond of the complexion. Normally you apply it to the entire skin of the face and also the neck. Foundation forms the base layer under the other applied make-up species. It is the goal that the skin is even in texture and the colors come out well

To make the foundation lighter, make sure you have a white hand cream, a base brush, an empty container, compact face powder, light cream eye shadow, moisturizer and body lotion at hand. Then nothing really goes wrong.

Use Moisturizer if you want to make your foundation lighter

The first solution that helps Foundation make lighter is the use of moisturizer. What you do is to mix the dark foundation with a moisturizer.

Put some foundation at the top of the hand and always add a little moisturizer. You do this as long as you do the perfect color of the foundation and you then put on your face.

Use light powder to color the foundation

You can also use a light powder to make your foundation lighter. Maybe you do have light powder at home that you use for highlighters in your face.

You lubricate Foundation on your face, as you would normally do if the foundation did have the right color. By adding the light powder you soon notice that the Foundation becomes lighter.

Use a special sponge or use Foundation as a bronzer

You can also use the sponge; A damp sponge for applying Foundation. The sponge can resemble the color somewhat lighter. You use a special makeup sponge and you already notice fairly quickly in the sense that Foundation becomes lighter.

If your foundation is simply much too dark and you don't see a salvation to make it lighter, you can always use the purchased foundation as a bronzer or for contours.

Use a little hand cream and eye shadow to make Foundation lighter

There is another option to make the purchased foundation lighter. To make Foundation lighter you use a hand cream and eye shadow. You do the purchased foundation in a container and adds two tablespoons hand cream.

You mix the foundation with the hand cream as long as the light traces of the added cream become visible. What you do is add half teaspoon cream-colored eye shadow.

You mix everything together now. Add another two gadgets compact face powder to the whole.

Then it is a matter of mixing. Is that ready, then apply it to your face. If it is not completely fine, add hand cream, eye shadow and face powder. You do this just as long as the color is completely at your sense.

Choose preferably for an odorless moisturizer

Foundation make lighter can also be added by adding moisturizer or a body lotion to the foundation. At first your foundation put in a container and add your moisturizer.

In the ideal situation you choose an odorless moisturizer to mix. You add a proper amount of moisturizer to the foundation and you then mix this well. Mixing to do this must be careful. You always keep an eye on the color.

If it stays too dark, add some more Foundation or the moisturizing cream.

Too much on mixture you can keep well before next time

Foundation making lighter does not have to be very difficult. If you have too much mixed too much, you can safely save this mixture.

Just do it in a clean container and keep it in a dry and dark and well-ventilated place. You can use it again later.

You can use the method to make Foundation lighter instead of hand cream also apply sunscreen. This gives a slightly lighter touch to the foundation. And that is exactly what you are looking for.

Please note if you have sensitive skin

Keep an eye on. The mixtures can be harmful to the more sensitive skin, if you have eczema or a different skin problem. Therefore first try it to a small part of the face.

Only if that does not produce reactions, you can also apply the custom foundation on the rest of your face and neck. Then you know that no comments will occur.