Foundation tips

Working with foundation is a matter of doing. You notice that the longer you use the product, the easier it goes off. The older you get, the better you know what type of foundation you need.

If you are just starting to use foundation, then you really need to search. Searching for the perfect product for you, but also for the best ways to apply it.

We give you a number of golden foundation tips here. Of course you should always take your own preferences into account. Only you decide what you like best for your face.

Make bags and dark circles disappear like snow in the sun

Good foundation and the bags under the eyes disappear like the well-known snow in the sun. You want and get a flawless skin with foundation. Dark circles and spots?

You can easily remove them. As long as you use the right product. The first tip we want to give you is to use a primer for the so-called T-zone.

Working with a primer is the best way to start the routine called applying foundation. In concrete terms, this means that you apply primer to your forehead, nose and chin.

These areas also have the most pores on the face by far. With the application of a primer, foundation stays in place longer. And that is exactly what you are looking for.

Use color correctors, concealer and foundation

It is important to follow the correct order when using foundation. This is the basis for a fresh look. In the first instance you apply the color correctors.

Then you lay the base for the make up with a foundation and then you apply concealer. You have different types of color correctors. These ensure that impurities disappear.

If you have dark circles, you can easily use the color yellow. If you want to get rid of red spots, green is preferable. Apply the product with a brush or fingers. Then don't wipe it out completely.

Look for the foundation with the right formula with the right coverage

Finding the right foundation means looking for the right formula, the right coverage. If you have dry skin, it is very important to choose a foundation with oil.

If you have oily skin, then you use a product without oil. The right undertone is also important for the foundation. Are you someone who has a cool, warm or a more neutral undertone?

Keep this in mind when you buy foundation. If you can't figure it out at all, consult a perfumery employee. You can always familiarize yourself with the world of the foundation.

In the meantime, you can write a book about applying foundation

Then applying foundation. You can write a book about it in the meantime. Whether you just use your fingers or do you choose a special brush, is an issue that plays over and over again in that context?

However, you can apply the foundation perfectly with both the brush and your fingers. You will also have to experience this. What is important is that you start where the foundation is most necessary.

Often these are the cheeks. Don't forget that where you put the brush, that's where most of the foundation stays.

This way you give the cheekbones extra accent

In the list of foundation tips you may also encounter the use of luminizer or elixir. You do this with the help of a sponge or a brush and before you apply foundation later.

For example, do you want to give your beautiful cheekbones extra accent? Apply a drop of luminizer or elixir to the brush and you're done. You then finish it off with a nice highlighter.

Don't judge the foundation by price alone

Another tip; don't judge a foundation by price. Do not assume that a more expensive foundation is also immediately better. That does not have to be the case at all.

Also at the drugstore you have numerous foundations that do their job more than well. The disadvantage of buying a cheap foundation at the drugstore is that you hardly have the chance to test the product there.

That is possible at a perfumery. On the other hand, you know that you have spent more money for the product. It just depends on what you think is important and what budget you have exactly.

With foundation you can go in all directions. Read carefully when you first start using it. Gradually you will notice that the more often you have worked with the product, the easier it is for you.