Facial care Dark skin

Do you have to use other products if you have dark skin for the perfect care of your skin? The specialists agree that this is not the case.

The products that are there for dark skin often work too aggressive. This can therefore produce new skin problems or exacerbates the problems of the skin.

There are several between dark and white skin. But there are also differences between dark skins as there is also a difference between white skins.

Facial care Dark skin: Cycle the condition of the skin and look less to the difference between white and dark

It is a fact that dark skin in a colder climate as that in our country often have to deal with a deficiency of moisture. It is also known that dark skin has larger sebum glands.

Dark skin also has to do with odd pigmentation more often. Yet it is better to look at the condition of the skin instead of concentrating on the difference between dark and white skin.

So look or have a dry, fatty or sensitive skin, or that there is acne. So look at the needs that the skin has. Not to white or dark.

For dark skin, exfoliation is absolutely the magic word

If you have dark skin, then exfoliation is the magic word. Do not scrub because this can cause dark skin before damaging the horn layer. Then a rough skin creates and even spots can arise on the skin. By exfoliating regularly but not too often you can weave the dead skin flakes.

Handy, because the dead skin flakes cause a more dull skin. By exfoliating you can make dark skin shine again. The two main components used in exfoliation are glycolic acid and salicylic acid.

If you are dealing with pigmentation spots, you prefer to choose products that have glycolic acid, you have pimples, for example, it is better to use salicylic acid.

You get pimples and spots less quickly

It is a fact that if you have dark skin, you have the resulting spots and pimples

You can get away less easily. It is also a fact that if you have dark skin, you will have to deal with pigmentation spots.

It is wise to use no ingredients in combination with sunlight, pigmentation spots.

These include fragrances, perfume and colorants. Also know that the spots always disappear from itself again and become a bit lighter in color.

Hydrating is extremely important for dark skin

For dark skin, hydrating is very important. In this case, that means to take enough water every day and especially use a good moisturizer.

Although dark skin has larger sebum glands so that the skin can feel some fatter, it is important to use a moisturizer. That sounds contradictory, but remember that due to the colder climate, there is often a lack of moisture in the skin.

That makes the skin straight. So you have to supplement the moisture in the skin with a moisturizer. Despite the so fatter skin that you have with dark skin.

Dark skin face care: Consider treatment with a laser

Do you have dark skin and you have to contend with, for example, acne and hair. Customize with laser treatments. Most lasers that are then used are not suitable for dark skin in practice.

The pigment in the skin will absorb the light from the laser as it were. There are problems in the form of burns, among others, and that ensures scarring again.

Sun protection products protect against skin aging and pigmentation spots

Sun protection products also appear to be perfect for dark skin. By applying such products, the skin is protected in the best possible way. So certainly use sun protection if you want to prevent and prevent things like skin aging and pigmentation.

Don't focus on the differences between a light and dark skin

And so the differences between the dark and lighter skin are best to oversee. Do not focus on those differences, but treat the skin - regardless of the color depending on the condition of the skin.

The lack of moisture in dark skin is something to take into account, something that is caused by the colder climate. Add to laser treatments in addition. They can generate scars because the pigment absorbs the light from the laser.

They are things to take into account with regard to face care. Dark skin. For the rest, that you just like with lighter skin. You give your skin where it asks.