How to clean Make up brushes?

Of course you have the Make Up correctly to apply the best brushes every day. And every day they ensure that you look radiant.

At least, if you keep the brushes regularly clean. Often the importance of the brushes is often underestimated and people don't realize how important it is to work with clean brushes.

Make up brushes cleaning is not very complicated

Cleaning your Make Up brush is essential if you always want to put the makeup in perfectly with you. You have to wash the makeup brushes for the best result.

And that is sometimes forgotten. In that context, it is good to know that the brushes are not only dirty by the Make Up and plenty of makeup remains.

Dkin flakes and bacteria are also lagging in the brushes. If you don't clean it, then take the bacteria and flakes back to your face next time. And that's the last thing you want.

You can wash makeup brushes once a week

If you use a brush every day, you don't have to wash the Make Up brushes every day. However, it is important to do this once a week. Then the brush remains protected from flakes and bacteria.

If you bring the makeup with a polluted brush, the chance that the pores of your face are close.

That generally delivers pimples. In even more worse cases your skin can even be ignited. Then you are still further away.

How to clean Make up brushes?

How to clean Make up brushes? Well, you can do this in different ways that we explain here. For example, you can use a so-called Brush Cleaner for Make Up brushes.

You then cleanse with a soap specially made to clean brushes quickly and thoroughly. The Cleanser usually purchased in a spray bottle.

You apply the spray to the brushes. Then you wipe the brush with a tissue or a cloth. In most cases this product contains alcohol. That ensures that the bacteria on the brushes do not get a chance and disappear.

Use baby shampoo and water to clean the brushes

You can also do the Make Up brush with shampoo and water. Preferably use baby shampoo to clean the brushes. You make a soapy soapy shampoo and some water.

You then remove the brushes through the water and uses your hands to wash the dirt from the hair. Make sure that only the hairs of the brush are moist.

You will soon see that the water used discolours and that the pollution leaves the brush. Preferably use cold and lukewarm water. Hot water and brushes are not the most happy combination in practice.

Clean the brushes with olive oil and washing-up liquid

With that we have certainly not yet all options that are to clean the brushes. You can also use olive oil and washing-up liquid.

This solution kills bacteria and, moreover, the hairs of the brushes get the only correct care that makes them last longer. You can use olive oil in this way from cleaning instead of detergent.

Customize somewhat with the use of the oil and never use too much of this product. Then the brushes can become too greasy and that makes your makeup more difficult with the brush.

Use a saucer or a plate to mix both products correctly. Then remove the brushes through this solution and rinse them later with water. Then give the brushes to dry the tassels.

Make an ironing movement if you clean the brushes

In all cases it is important that you handle the brushes carefully. Never rub too fast through the hairs of the brushes. It is much better to make a kind of ironing movement while washing the makeup brushes.

In this way you will enjoy the brushes longer. You bend the brushes after cleaning and then they always dry in the original shape.

Plan regularly a moment when you clean the brushes

So it is very important that you clean the brushes with which you make your makeup very frequently cleans. It prevents a lot of misery, whose pimples and an inflamed skin are the most speaking.

Cleaning does not have to last long. Plan a fixed cleaning moment during the week and you notice that the products last longer and make you the Make Up in a pleasant way.