Make up foundation tips

Applying foundation is not a matter of taking a brush and foundation and wiping it on your face. On the contrary. Applying foundation is something you do with care.

In that context, we help you with make-up foundation tips. Especially if you start using foundation, these make up foundation tips are very worthwhile. Use it to your advantage!

The choice of color is extremely important

It is important to choose the right color. You can still literally see that women have just bought the wrong color. That does not look good, especially if the foundation is not continued at the neck.

You will then have to deal with the mask effect. If you bought the wrong color, you can do something about it yourself, as long as there is only one shade difference from your own color.

With a bronzer and highlighter you can still easily get rid of a shade, with two shades difference you will have to purchase a different foundation. So you can no longer adjust that yourself.

Relax your skin with a towel with warm water

A golden tip? That is that the preparation of the skin is very important. For example, you can work with a warm and wet towel and hold it on your face for a few minutes first.

Don't rub, just leave the towel on your face. The warm towel helps your skin to relax.

And that later ensures that the foundation that you apply to your face can work longer. So clean skin is half the battle.

Always use a moisturizer to provide extra protection for the skin

It is certainly also important to use a moisturizing cream. In this way, there is an extra well-groomed skin.

In this way, you also have significantly less chance of "pieces" forming in the foundation. The discussion that there is with regard to concealer and foundation will always remain.

Most people believe that you always first apply foundation - the base - and only then apply the concealer to your face. However, there is and will remain a group that does it exactly the other way around. So they first apply concealer and then foundation.

Focus on some areas of your face

It is also extremely important to focus on a number of areas when applying foundation. So not just to wipe something randomly.

If you do, it will soon result in a so-called cake look. It is better to always focus on a few areas of your face, such as the chin, cheeks and forehead.

You apply the foundation there and then you can easily wipe the foundation over the rest of your face. In this case you can do that with a flat foundation brush.

Blending? Do this from top to bottom to lay the hairs flat

Make up foundation tips? This certainly includes that if you are going to blend, you do this from top to bottom. Never forget this again. This is especially true if you choose liquid foundation. Use a flat foundation brush for this.

That way, the foundation blends easily with the tiny hairs on your face. If you move from top to bottom with the brush, you lay the hairs flat and then they stand out significantly less.

Start in the center of the face

Another one of the many makeup foundation tips out there is the following. If you use foundation in liquid form or in a cream version, always start in the middle of your face.

Then work your way out and down. Most women have discoloration on and around the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead. So from there you work outwards and downwards.

Use foundation as a base for eyeshadow

Did you know that you can also use foundation as a base for applying eyeshadow? Most women automatically skip the area directly around the eyes.

You can, as long as you only have a primer or other base available. If you don't have one, use foundation in a thin layer and apply this to the eyelids as well.

Apply it from the lash line to below the eyebrows, always in a thin layer. This will remove redness in those areas and prevent dark spots around the eyes.

With the eyes closed

As a beginner, you can use the foundation with the aforementioned tips. For the rest it is a matter of doing. As a result, you will master the application of foundation better and better and it all goes without saying. In the long run you do it with your eyes closed.