Remove Make Up without a remover

Normally you will ensure if your makeup uses that you always have a remover with you. However, it is possible, nothing human being strange, nevertheless happening that you have forgotten your remover, just don't have it at hand or still very unexpectedly staying somewhere somewhere.

They are just moments that you want to remove your makeup, but therefore do not have a remover at hand. In that case it is good to know that your makeup can also remove in other ways, even in a very natural way.

Forgot remover? That is no reason to panic

No panic so remove makeup without remover is no problem at all. If you just know what to do. The first option we want to do to you is coconut oil. Why?

Because this is a product that allows you to remove the makeup of your face very softly. Coconut oil is already on the rise within the world of the Make Up.

Coconut oil is very mild in use and by doing some oil on a cotton pad you really easily remove your makeup. You do this in an extremely fast and effective way.

Moreover, due to the use of coconut oil, your skin continues to be cared for and hydrated.

Use milk if it is supplemented with almond or olive oil

Another way to remove remover is to use milk possibly supplemented with almond [or olive oil. New is not the use of milk, because Cleopatra already used milk, a product that would be good for the skin.

Use for removing Make Up preferably whole milk. The protein and fat in the milk ensure that the skin remains hydrated.

If you have pretty heavy makeup, you can supplement the milk with some almond or olive oil. Then the makeup disappears even easier to your face.

Make sure you always have baby wipes at hand, even if you have no baby

As a carrier of Make Up you should always have baby wipes with you, so even if you don't have a baby at all. Baby wipes are recommended and always come out.

The wipes are perfect for removing makeup and are much milder than the often somewhat aggressive remover wipes. Baby wipes are softer and do not provide any skin irritation. They also don't care that the skin dries out.

Make up Removing without remover can be done with baking soda and honey

Another option to remove makeup without a remover shaped is by using baking soda and honey. You can initially choose Baking Soda mixed a few droplets of water.

Baking soda with water even has a scrubbing effect. In addition to being clean in this way, you get your skin clean, your skin will also be softer through the use of Baking Soda.

If you have difficulty removing the makeup, try baking soda with honey. Guaranteed that the makeup is then quickly disappeared from your face.

Cucumbers always have a good effect on the skin

That cucumbers have a good effect on the skin has long been known. That it is also a perfect product to remove Make Up is perhaps surprising for many.

What you do is do the cucumber in the blender and make a nice cucumber pasta. You then use that pasta as a facial cleaner. Success insured.

If you have some heavier makeup on your face, add some olive oil. The advantage of working with a cucumber is that it has an anti-inflammatory and calming effect on the skin.

Get the Make up of your skin with avocado and yogurt

Also with an avocado it is no problem that you are on the road without having to have a remover. You cut the avocado in half and purizes it. Then you use a cotton swab and add avocado drops.

This gives you the Make Up so from your face. Due to the vitamins that are present in the avocado, your skin is still fed. And last but not least; Is there no milk nearby, then try with yogurt.

Yogurt also soothes the skin and ensures cooling. Do some yogurt on a cotton ball and you get the makeup so from the skin. Naturally you prefer natural yogurt.

Always a product within reach

So there is no reason to panic if you have forgotten your remover once. If you prefer one of the above products, then you leave the makeup.

That is less good for the skin. And one of the products mentioned is always within reach. Prevent the pores from your skin hidden and remove the makeup every night.

The aforementioned products proved their job well. So it's not an experiment, but they are all excellent ways to get the makeup of your skin.