Natural Make Up Look

Of course you want to look good every day and you will find important care to spend your skin. You use makeup, but don't want to exaggerate. You want to prevent you from scrolling around with a visible filler layer.

That is possible, because you can also use great makeup to create a natural makeup look. It is something more and more women appeal.

You don't have to exaggerate with makeup to look great

You decide not to exaggerate to look great. More and more women become convinced.

We take a number of simple steps with you through those to ensure that you get a natural makeup look and keep it during the day.

Preferably use pink or green concealer and foundation

For realizing a natural makeup look, you prefer to use pink or green concealer. It is known that the pink variant is capable of removing or camouflage pigment spots, pimples, dark circles and irregularities.

We recommend a narrow concealer brush when applying the concealer. Tip; Due to the standard installation of concealer under the eyes you always have a sleeped appearance.

A little bit is sufficient. It gives you the natural appearance that you also strive.

Concealer in powder form consists of natural minerals

Concealer and Foundation always form the basis of a natural makeup look, a very fresh look and of course a beautiful and even skin. If you use Foundation in powder form, you will never get the hated filler layer.

The Foundation in powder form consists of minerals and that is a complete natural product. Another tip, you reach through the foundation with rotating movements to apply the best effect.

The bronzer is a tint darker than your skin color

Women who would like to look carefully looked at, but still want to keep the natural look generally prefer to use a bronzer and a blush.

With these products you get more shape and color in your face. The bronzer is always a tint darker than the color of your skin. You first put on the bronzer, and finished it with a blusher on the cheekbones, where the bronzer ended up.

So you immediately create a fresh look and a healthy blush on your cheeks that are very natural.

The products arranged will then blend and melt together

The use of a highlighter is also a must if you want to realize a natural look. With highlighter and using the right technique you are able to give the eyes optically give a lift.

Apply it under the eyebrows and under the eyes. Then touch your face to get started with a finishing touch product, as they are widely present.

Grab a large and soft brush and powder your entire face. All products arranged will then blend and melt them nicely together. Your Make Up stays great as the day and moreover, you make the makeup waterproof in this way. You also matters your face in this way.

Do not underestimate the impact of the eyebrows

Sufficient products can also be purchased for the eyebrows. Do not underestimate the impact of the eyebrows. Because it is precisely the eyebrows to a large extent your facial expression and therefore also your appearance.

With the special powders who are there you make the eyebrows tighter or accurate if desired. Powder the top of the eyebrow and you immediately see a lifting effect.

The eyes and use of mascara

Then about eye make up. A little bit of eye shadow can easily confirm the natural look. First apply an eyeliner. Because the skin is some fatter there, the use of a primer is an outright recommendation.

Due to the primer, the makeup remains better and you don't see anything about this primer. Then apply some eye shadow with a special eye shadow brush.

Then it's time for Mascara, a product that your look completely finishes. You can only apply it on the upper eyelashes, you can also choose the bottom eyelashes. If you do that, it will be even more sensible to start with the lower lashes.

Beautiful and very well-kept face with a natural look

So, just look in the mirror. What you see is a beautiful and groomed face with makeup, but without being too much of a good thing. You now have the so desired beautiful natural look and that is exactly what you want of course.

Applying can be fast. It is primarily a matter of doing. It will be easier to get you off with the day and therefore also cost less time.