Have the nose made smaller

Women use makeup to look more beautiful. However, you can also play nice tricks with make up. For example, by using make up you can make the lips look bigger, you can extend the eyelashes with make up and make the eyes look bigger.

You can also make parts of the face appear smaller using makeup. A good example is the nose. And many women make use of that possibility. We'll explain here how making a bigger nose look smaller is not difficult at all, as long as you use the right technique.

Most women want a small and thin nose

Ask women what they want with the nose and the majority say they want a small and thin nose. This is possible by using the techniques we call contouring and shaping.

The dark lines that you apply provide shadow and make the middle part of the nose in particular appear narrower. In fact, much narrower. We explain here exactly how you can achieve this.

Draw two lines from under the eyebrow to the tip of the nose

What you are doing is the following. You draw two lines - on the left and the right - from the bottom part of the eyebrow to the top to the tip of the nose.

You can do this with the help of a foundation and a concealer. Choose products that are about two shades darker than your own skin color. You leave the piece of skin in between open first.

Practice the technique a number of times, make sure it doesn't go well the first time

On the left open part you put highlighter at the top. The highlighter accentuates the shadow of the dark lines. It is important that the highlighter is not applied too wide.

If you put it too wide, you will realize the opposite effect with the make-up and your nose will appear larger than people are used to.

Have you performed the aforementioned actions, take a beauty blender and blend everything carefully. To make the nose appear smaller, it is important to practice the technique a number of times.

Guaranteed that it will be quite difficult the first few times. One learns by doing the term really applies if you want to make the nose look smaller.

Make nose look smaller? It's a matter of good contouring

Making your nose look smaller is a matter of contouring well. In fact, contouring is nothing more than creating shadows. You can create those shadows by drawing stripes on the side of the bridge of the nose.

It is precisely those lines that give the illusion that you have a narrower nose. You always apply a bit to the bottom of the nose. That way you make the nose look less long in any case.

Put the emphasis right on the middle part of the nose

In technical terms you start blending after you have applied contours. You ensure that the lines look smooth. However, make sure that the lines are never too dark.

The well-known icing on the cake if you want to make the nose look smaller is the dot of highlighter on the tip of the nose. The use of the highlighter ensures that the emphasis is exactly on the middle part of the nose.

That way, your nose is immediately a lot narrower, or so it seems. Of course you still have the same nose as before you started with make up.

You can also use powder as long as you wipe it off well with a brush

Incidentally, you can also use powder over the foundation. Then choose the more cool and brown shade. Just make sure you wipe the powder off well, something you can do with a brush.

This is the only way to create the most beautiful shadows. Instead of the lighter shade of the highlighter that you apply as icing on the cake, you can also use foundation and concealer.

Choose a color that is two shades lighter than the skin color. This can be applied both under and above the foundation.

Sometimes natural is also just beautiful

And so you see that you can achieve the most beautiful effects with make up. However, don't overdo it. Don't work with everything in your face and appreciate the nose and lips you have.

Make up is beautiful when you apply it functionally. You certainly don't always have to turn your own face into a work of art. Sometimes natural is also just beautiful. And besides, you are often more beautiful than you see in the mirror.