Apply eye makeup step by step

Starting eye make up step by step is a job that you take the time for a moment. Moreover, it is something that you always get a businessman as you get more experience. Yet it is good to make an eye makeup application step by step explanation.

In the first instance, care for dry skin for your eye makeup application step by step

You always start with a clean surface. Use a mild face cleaner and remove the remaining mascara and eyeliner leftovers. Clean with cold water, a facial cleaner and with the help of cotton swabs.

It is then wise to apply a primer to your eyelids. The primer ensures very smooth skin and also ensures that the makeup will be better later. Explain the primer all over the eyelid to the bone of the eyebrow.

Equalize the skin around your eyes

If you have done that, you will level the skin around the eyes. Apply a concealer if you have walls under the eyes and so make use of your fingers or a concealer.

Use a brush to get out of the makeup, in the direction of the cheekbones and the nose. You can fix the concealer using a brush and use a loose powder into the color of the skin and apply some powder to the eyelids.

Apply one color or multiple colors

Apply eye makeup Step by step continues to apply eye shadow. This can be a color, you can of course also apply different colors.

Preferably you use a medium color on the eyelid and use a lighter color for the eyebrow bone. Apply dark color to the fold of your eye. Then you get the best result.

Choose a liquid, wet or eye pencil eye shadow

Let the colors overflow. If you use more than one color, only allow a blushing brush or use your fingers to mix the different colors a little.

In eye makeup Apply step by step is the next step to apply Eyeliner. This can be both a liquid, wet or eye pencil eye shadow.

Make always controlled movements on the upper lashing line, meanwhile you apply a dotted line. Then return to you and enter the space between the dots with even finer and smaller stripes.

Hold the eyelashes about five count and close your eyes half

It is now the time to curl the eyelashes. You clamp your upper lashes between the stirrup curler. Then keep the eyelashes about five count.

You can easily clamp the eyelash if you close your eye at the time of clamps.

The final step is to apply much or less mascara, something that remains a matter of taste. Start at the beginning of the upper lashing line and then slowly go up.

You hardly hurry, that increases the chance of errors

As stated, it is not a very simple job, certainly not if you are still rather inexperienced. So always take the time and hardly hurry. If you do, then the result becomes less beautiful and make more mistakes.

There is a good chance that you have to start again. You can consider purchasing a small set of eye makeup brushes. That makes applying the make-up slightly easier.

Moreover, you can first practice before you really want to change the makeup for a special occasion. In any case, you have done it once and you know what awaits you.

White eyeliner on the inside of the lower lashes

What is also wise is to opt for a white eyeliner on the inside of the bottom eyelashes. That is why your eyes look bigger. You enter the space between the inner lash hairs with black eyeliner.

In this way the eyelashes make a more fuller impression. You also pull the eyelid to the hair up, then you can make it easier for the part to be treated. And last but not least; Preferably use mascara and eyeliner made for certain eye colors.

If you like this eye makeup, apply step by step plan, it is actually not going to go wrong at all.

That it goes wrong once is not bad at all

If you like to take the step-by-step plan and take the tips to heart, then there can actually not go wrong with complementing your own creativity. Of course you have your own preferences.

Customize it just and use your own creativity to realize it by your desired result. It is also primarily a matter of doing. Just try! That it goes wrong is not bad at all.