Get pimples away in 1 day?

You know it, you have an important presentation tomorrow, a date or another event that you want to look out as well as possible. Unfortunately you wake up with a pimple that you really can't use the next day.

The only thing you are currently thinking is: How do I get this pimple away for tomorrow? If this is the case and you want to know how to get pimples away in 1 day, then you have arrived on the right page.

We are going to give you different tips that polls get away in 1 day. Below you will find 8 tips that must help you the moment you have one or more pimples that you want to get away quickly.


Do you want to make sure that your pimples leave? Then toothpaste can be the solution. With the help of toothpaste you can ensure that your pimple disappears within 1 day.

Toothpaste has the disposal of silica. Silica causes pimples to dry out and that is of course ideal. When you choose to use toothpaste for your pimples, it is advisable to use natural toothpaste.

There are toothpastes that contain sodium lauryl sulfate. If you lubricate this on your skin, your skin will irritate and that is of course not what you want.


Did you know that you can use an aspirin to remove pimples? It is only not intended that you take the pill orally. You will have to make the pill nice and add water, so it becomes a mixture that you can lubricate on the pimples.

Aspirin has an anti-inflammatory effect, it will ensure that your pimples disappear.

Green tea

Get pimples away in 1 day? Choose green tea! Green tea is full of antioxidants, this is very good for your skin. All you have to do is let a bag of tea in hot water.

Then you get the bag of tea from the water and let it cool. Then it is intended that you put the bag of tea in the places where you have pimples.

Lemon juice

Getting away any annoying pist before you need to get to your important appointment? This can be done with the help of lemon juice. Lemon juice ensures that your pimple dries out.

Do you want to use lemon juice to make your pimple disappear? Then the lemon juice then with the help of a cotton swab on your pimple and let it go well.


Of course it is also possible that you don't have an important event the next day, but the day itself that you can absolutely not use a pimple. Then it is advisable to grab an ice cube and wrap it in a tea towel.

Then place the tea towel on the pimple. This ensures that the swelling and redness becomes less. The pimper will then at least become less visible.

Sea salt

Get pimples away in 1 day? Use sea salt! In many products that are specially made to remove pimples, sea salt. Sea salt works perfectly to allow pimples to dry out, it also kills bacteria.

Do you want to lubricate this on your skin? Then grab a tablespoon of salt and mix it with two tablespoons of water. Then it is intended that you make this with a cotton swab and that you can withdraw this properly.


Honey can be the ideal solution to remove pimples. It kills the bacteria and it has a moisturizing effect. Do you want to use this to get that terrible pimple away?

Then you will have to lubricate the honey on the pimple and should definitely be put in this. Rinse the honey after an hour and view the result.


Tea-Tree is ideal to remove pimples. This product has an anti-inflammatory property, this ensures that the inflammation and redness will take off.

It also helps to clean up the pores and has an antibacterial effect.

Good care for your skin

Hopefully you now know exactly what to do to remove pimples when it comes up. However, it is even more important to ensure that this will no longer be returned.

Good care for yourself and make sure you have a healthy lifestyle. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and drink enough water.

If you live healthy, this reduces the chance of restless skin. This is of course also good for your health!