Cover pimples with makeup

A pimple always comes inconvenient and what do you feel unhappy when he suddenly suddenly. Fortunately, nowadays you have different makeup products that can help you to work away the pimples. And whether that is a reassuring thought!

First check which pimples have exactly to do

It is always good to get clear to what pimples you have to do. Is it a mature with a white cup or is it a dry and flaky pimple?

Based on the PIX type, you can determine which makeup you will use. It is also a matter of experience, the more often you have eliminated a pimple, the easier you go.

Hard concealer and a small brush to work accurately

Do you have a dreaded pimple with white cup? Then you can feel comfortable because such pimples are great to work with Make Up. What you need is a hard concealer and a small concealerkwaste.

You only need a little bit, because the concealer is pigmented. With the small brush you can work very accurately and exactly those places to be camouflaged.

Make sure you do not provide the rest of the face from concealer. Do you do that, then the pimper will stand out more. And that is what you certainly don't want.

Cystic acne is more difficult to work away

You can also get to Cystic Acne. You then have a red and swollen pimple. Such pimples are pretty harder to treat, although it was only the color and shape.

Before you get started with Make Up, you first treat the pimple. You can do this with a cold or warm washcloth. You now use Normal Foundation, after which you can camouflage the pimples with a concealer.

You can get the hardness of the pus out by choosing a green concealer and a concealer in your skin color. Does the acne still fall on and have you used an average coverage? Then choose a medium coverage for a better result.

Then choose products that hydrate

You may also want to work away a dried out pimple. If you have expressed a pimple, often a dried out pimple remains behind, with often dry sheets. At first you ensure that the pimper moisturizes well.

Then the loose sheets fall less if you apply ordinary makeup.

No hard concealer is now needed. Now choose a product that hydrate. That is more important in such pimples than the chosen coverage.

Raise pimples with makeup don't have to be hard

Finally, you still have the red, just say bright red, pimples. You now start with a green concealer, a primer. You will also ensure that you have a concealer with a yellow undertone.

Use a beauty blender to make the edges of the pimple melt together with the makeup and you barely see something of the pimples.

And so you don't have to beat the heart when you get up, look in the mirror and discovered a pimple. After all, we have Make Up for that.

Always let the wounds well cure, make up in the wounds is not really conducive

Finally, we still have some tips away as pimples with makeup your goal. This way it is always wise to heal the wounds of the pimples, if you have expressed them.

Make up in the wounds is not good and will delay the healing process. Therefore, wait until the wound is dry before you try to camouflage. Anything else; Ensures that the Make Up Tools you have used are always clean.

We often forget it, but simply fungi and bacteria can occur between the hairs of the tassels. And that is of course not conducive.

First Foundation and then customize products to camouflage the pimples

In addition to working with make up for camouflage of pimples, it is also easy to apply moisturizing products. A hydrated skin will ensure that the Make Up will attach better and you can easily work the pimples away.

Anything else. First always apply Foundation. Then you need less makeup up to work pimples away. This is because the Foundation has also drained the pimples somewhat.

Furthermore, it is important to make the products that you use deplashed. After applying the Make Up you will always wait to blow.

Pimples do not have to be a problem. If, however, have to get involved in it, you then wonder how this is. Sometimes healthier food, for example, help to prevent pimples. And is prevented and always remains better than cure.