Cover up puffiness eyes with makeup

We all have to do with it, with bags under the eyes. The ramparts can be the cause of moisture, there may also be fat. Anyway, in both cases you prefer to eliminate them as well as possible.

That camouflage can be in different ways, most used is ramparts away. We tell you here how and with which products you can get started with your walls.

Rolling bags caused by moisture or by fat?

Wallen after getting up and that gradually get the day off? Those are bags that are caused by moisture. You can easily dispose of the moisture walls, edit with cold or expel by applying a moisture drifting eye cream.

Do you have walls that just sit? Then they are often caused by fat. These bags do not respond to cold while a massage does not help anything.

Choose an eye cream with caffeine, which promotes the moisture detriment

Do you want to eliminate the ramparts? Then you can get started in the first place with eye cream, apply the cream both in the morning and evening. Preferably choose a skin reinforcing cream with collagen.

If you have moisture walls, take eye cream with caffeine. Caffeine has a moisture-handling effect and so you soon see results after application.

Tip: During sleep, use an extra pillow. That way your head is a bit higher and that helps against bags.

Increase the lymphe flow by massaging the skin

Massage can also help. In this way you encourage the lymph streaming. Did you miss out as a result of too little sleep. Have you drank too little water or eaten too salty?

You can then get started with your fingers. Gently beat with the ring finger around your eye. This stimulates the lymphestroom.

And this lymphest flow helps to dispose of moisture quickly. Rub always from the nose to your outer eye corner for the best result.

First clean the skin and then apply a mask

The installation of an eye mask can actually contribute to reducing the ramparts under the eyes. Certainly if there is a special occasion at the door, this is a must.

You first clean the skin and then brings a mask. As a result, the moisture accumulation reduces faster and the vulnerable area around the eyes is groomed even more. Let the mask sit twenty minutes.

Hide the shadow that cause the bags with a makeup

Do we approach the answer to the question How do you get rid of bags with makeup? What you can do is the shadows that give the bags to hide.

The walen eliminates Make Up is highlighter, after you have first applied a foundation on the skin.

Apply highlighter to the shadow zones by first putting on small dots. You then work it out with a brush tip. Thus the shadows disappear that cause the bags.

Choose Foundation and a covering concealer

A bag of wollen Make up par excellence is also a covering concealer. Preferably use a concealer with a robzige tint. This tint neutralizes the blue tones of the circles and bags under the eyes.

Pay attention; You first brought Foundation and only goes to work with concealer. If it appear that there is too much shade and the ramparts still really stand out? Then use a highlighter just below where the bags are.

Choose a slightly lighter shade than your skin color is

If you want to remove the circles under the eyes, you use a concealer. It is important that you always take a touch of lighter than your skin color and that you choose a red undertone to work out the blue tones so.

If you choose a highlighter to get the bags away, you will ensure an open, light and fresh look. Even if you actually use barely make up yourself and also have a Foundation at your disposal, Highlighter is the best choice.

That always has a beautiful and natural effect. By applying a highlighter under the eyes you let the skin light up slightly more.

Healthier food and drink enough water

Do you have to do with bags under the eyes? Then first check whether you are dealing with moisture walls or grease bags. In the case of moisture, you can still eliminate Make Up before your ramparts, try to massage the bags away.

This is not possible due to ramparts. Then there are more than enough options to do something about your walls. Incidentally, it is always better to try to prevent the bags.

That is possible by, for example, to eat healthier and by drinking enough water. Adjust the directive of a liter of a liter.