Cover up puffiness eyes without makeup

To get the bags under your eyes away, you don't always have to appeal to expensive creams or makeup. On the contrary. There are sufficient alternatives that you can as well help get away from the unsightly bags. We present those alternatives to you.

Wallen pull off without makeup is not that very complicated

Most people who are dealing with bags under the eyes look for their salvation in ramparts to eliminate makeup. That often works great. However, problem is that you don't always have the makeup at hand.

Fortunately, there are more roads that lead to Rome and you can help you remove the bags under your eyes. Because be honest, without rocking you are a lot more attractive?

Tea bags and special thein and tannin help against bags under the eyes

Did you know that tea bags are ideal as ramparts without moving up your goal is? So keep used tea bags and put them in the fridge. Then place the tea bags under your eyes every morning for ten minutes.

The cold bags with the thein from the tea are very good for the blood circulation in your eyes.

Tannins in tea also ensures that the discoloration leaves under your eyes. Insiders say that black tea and camomile tea in particular work extra good.

Wallen pull off without makeup is enough water to you

Whatever helps help hydrate, nothing but drink enough water in the core. Make sure you really take the one and a half liters of water a day until you take.

If you don't do that, the blood vessels are growing under the eyes and that often gives the dark circles under the eyes.

A washcloth can sometimes do any wonders. A wet washcloth on your eyes when you go to sleep can sort an effect quickly, something that you will immediately notice the next morning.

Wallen away without makeup: use cucumbers and potatoes

What certainly helps is the use of cucumber or potato. We know cucumber. We put the slices (out of the fridge) on the eyes. However, you can also do that with potatoes. In potatoes, enzymes are slowly pulling toxic substances from your skin.

Do this twenty minutes a day and you soon see results. Another simple, but golden tip is sufficiently night's sleep. The better and longer you sleep, the better you look like.

Take more healthy food and special salt and caffeine

Something self-evident is also more healthy food to you in the fight against those ugly bags under the eyes. Eat in particular less salt and take less caffeine.

Exchange that in for more fresh, healthy food and you soon notice that the bags reduce under the eyes. Many people mainly have to do with bags under the eyes immediately after awakening.

You can also do something about that, without all kinds of complicated makeup. Do you have to do with swollen eyes in the morning?

Then place two teaspoons a few minutes in the freezer and then put them under the eyes on the skin. The swelling under your eyes will then decrease properly.

Give yourself a massage with your ring finger

Massage can also help you. What you do is the redisting of moisture under the eyes. Use your ring finger and then carefully massage along the eye contour and that from the inside to the outside.

In this way you can (part) of the ramparts remove under the eyes. If you are not sitting that now, you can always rely on hemorrhoose ointment. Sounds crazy, but works.

The applied ointment leaves the skin under the eyes slightly swell. As a result, the skin under the eyes is temporarily less thin. In that case, dark circles are much less visible.

It is certainly also good to search for your salvation in products with vitamin C. If you can find a moisturizer with vitamin C and antioxidants, you have something at home that works really well against the dark circles and bags.

Request medication for seasonal allergies

With regard to ramparts, you can keep the rule that if the clouds arise as a result of swelling, you put something cold on your eyes. Is moisture the cause, then a moisture-driving cream or gel is recommended.

Wallen under the eyes can also be caused by a certain allergy. Case than to find out the cause and asking for medicines that can help reduce allergies.

A seasonal allergy as a hay fever can also take care of considerable bags. With prescribed drugs you will find that these bags will disappear like snow in the sun. Moreover, mainly away from the sources of your allergy.