What to do about dry skin?

What to do about dry skin? Good question, because dry skin is anything but pleasant and can cause quite a few complaints. Your face always gives a pulling feeling.

Your skin tickles, becomes flaky and you are itching all the time. At least half of the people in our country regularly have to deal with dry skin.

Sometimes it is a matter of genes and dry skin runs in the family, in other cases too much sebum is produced. Dry skin can also be a reaction to products that contain perfume.

What to do about dry skin?

What to do about dry skin? The symptoms of dry skin are clear. You have flakes, your skin is more sensitive and especially feels tight and the skin is much more sensitive.

Your skin keeps itching and often gets red spots. So try to prevent this and if the complaints are already there, know what to do with dry skin. The best way to prevent dry facial skin is to use a good facial cream.

It is also important not to let the skin get too wet. Spend less time in the shower and lubricate your face with the aforementioned cream after showering.

Try to avoid further contact with irritants. Also consider the good humidity in your home and especially eat and drink healthy.

Tips against dry skin

Preventing dry skin is therefore half the battle. That is also fine. Drinking enough water, for example, can help prevent dry skin.

This also applies to a healthy and, above all, varied diet. Getting enough sleep is also something that helps reduce the risk of dry skin.

Taking enough time to relax is also important and reduces the risk of dry skin. Shorter showers can also help, and so can using a mild soap.

What to do with dry skin?

If you choose a day cream, choose a day cream without fragrances and dyes. Also make sure that there is no alcohol in the cream. You choose a moisturizing cream that preferably contains antioxidants and emollients.

The choice of foundation can also affect dry skin. If you have dry skin, preferably use an oil-based foundation, a liquid foundation.

This liquid version matches perfectly with the color and texture of your own skin. This way you create a natural coverage. Preferably do not use sticks and preferably omit the foundation powder for dry skin.

What to do against dry skin on the face?

One cause of dry skin that is sometimes underestimated is the humidity in the house. You can use a cream that does a good job, but it is important to always keep an eye on the correct moisture balance.

If you are sensible, you can provide a humidifier in the bedroom. This way you can be sure that your skin is hydrated throughout the night and that the skin barrier is also restored.

If you have the right moisture balance in your house, you will immediately have it in front of your face. Ideally you use a good basic cream and place a humidifier in the bedroom.

What to do against dry skin: apply sunscreen

What to do with dry skin? That is also applying sunscreen to the skin when the sun is out. There are also quite a few misunderstandings about this. Is there sun out? Then of course you want to enjoy it.

But if you forget to apply sunscreen, sunlight is also disastrous for your skin. The radiation affects the skin.

You get wrinkles, pigmentation spots faster and the sun can also cause extremely dry skin. A sunscreen nourishes the skin and gives it a vital and, above all, vibrant blush.

Be careful with perfume and preservatives

With dry skin, you should also be careful with cosmetic products. Certainly the so-called synthetic ingredients in care creams and lotions can damage the acid mantle of the skin.

Perfumes and preservatives are certainly to blame for this. As a result, the skin can no longer sufficiently use the barrier function. The result is dry skin.

And you don't want that. In addition to choosing the right cosmetic products, a healthy lifestyle is especially important to prevent dry skin.

Various causes and different solutions

In short; Dry skin can have different causes and there are different ways to do something about it. Definitely do, because dry skin can be particularly annoying.

It's much more than just a little itchy. If you really have extremely dry skin, it is even difficult to work or study properly.