What to do about oily skin?

Nobody wants oily skin. Your face shines and the chance of blemishes is very high. Because for the sake of clarity; Pimples aren't just a concern.

On the contrary. Too many blemishes can be stressful, even emotionally. You want nothing more than that your skin always looks radiant.

Too oily skin? Then too much sebum is produced

If your skin is oily, then too much sebum is simply being produced. This can have various causes.

For example, it may simply be a matter of genetic predisposition, stress may be the cause, your skin may become oily due to hormonal fluctuations or you may have a somewhat unhealthy lifestyle. All these things can stimulate the sebaceous glands with all its consequences.

The skin's natural acid mantle becomes imbalanced

It is good to know that the sebaceous glands are directly connected to the hair follicles. Too much sebum and hair follicles quickly get clogged, which gives you the hated pimples.

The natural acid mantle of the skin is completely out of balance in this way. In addition, bacteria get the chance to penetrate the pores and the skin can become infected again. And that represents a lot of misery.

What to do about oily skin?

The big question is of course what to do against oily skin? And is there anything that can be done at all against oily skin? First of all, you can definitely do something against oily skin.

Perhaps the most important in the series of tips against oily skin is to eat healthier in particular. The fattier you eat, the fatter your skin becomes. There is often a shortage of vitamin B2.

It is important to consume beans, nuts and yeast-based products if you want healthy facial skin. Above all, ignore pork.

The oily skin tips also include the tip that you drink enough in a day. And at least one and a half liters of water is sufficient.

It is helpful to fill a soda bottle at the start of the day and empty it at the end of the day. This way you can be sure that you have drunk enough in one day.

Tips against oily skin

It is also important to exercise enough, so to exercise. By moving, the waste products can leave your body faster, which is good news for your skin. Cleaning the skin is also essential if you want to prevent oily skin. Do that with warm water and a cleansing soap.

There are cleansers especially for oily skin and it is wise to use them. Cleansing the skin removes excess sebum on the skin. Make sure you don't work with a cleaning agent that contains alcohol.

Use a mask once a week and use oil-free make-up

It is also important to use the correct cream. Applying a cream after cleansing the skin means that the pores can close. And that is also very important to prevent oily skin.

Anything else; take a facial cleansing mask once a week. Your skin is completely cleansed by a mask.

Moreover, you immediately have a moment for yourself when you wear the mask for twenty minutes. It is important in the fight against oily skin to always opt for oil-free make-up.

Use a clay-based cleanser

It is important to always use a clay-based cleansing for oily skin. This absorbs excess sebum. It is also important that you always work with an oil-free moisturizer and that you exfoliate.

Scrubbing emphatically reduces the production of sebum. It also improves the skin structure and prevents clogged pores and blemishes.

The sebum regulating ingredients are better absorbed by the skin by exfoliating and that really makes the difference.

Are you going out? Always take some mattifying products with you in the bag. They can come in handy. And so you see that you can do a lot yourself to prevent oily skin and thus prevent pimples. The crux is above all a healthy lifestyle, healthy food and plenty of drink.

Bring sunscreen with micro sponges

Let's go back to the mattifying products that you always have with you. By having these products with you, you can treat the skin anytime and anywhere if the situation calls for it. Make sure to bring a moisturizer with SPF.

It is also recommended to put a sunscreen with microsponges in your bag. These sponges are perfectly capable of absorbing excess sebum. And so you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises even when you are out the door.