What skin type do I have?

It is an important question for many people; What skin type do I have? It is an important question because when you know your skin type you immediately know which care products you can use to keep your skin in good condition. We usually distinguish normal skin, dry skin and extremely dry skin.

What kind of skin type do I have?

What is my skin type? In fact you can feel that yourself. If you have normal skin, that skin feels smooth and smooth. Of dry zones or a tractor and tense feeling, there is often no question.

Your skin then feels as good as perfect. Normal skin is characterized by good blood flow. To keep the skin like that at that time, it is important to ensure proper care of the skin.

Often a light lotion is enough to ensure that the skin remains like that. So also perfect skin needs care.

Without moisturizing products, your skin just dries out

You can also have dry skin. It is often crucial to use moisturizing products, of course tailored to your personal wishes.

If you do not use such products, it can just be dehydration. That can decrease in strong itchy spots on the skin. Remarkable; Often you feel that itch first with the shin and with the knees.

This way you can restore the protective layer of the skin

Do you feel skin that itches and tense? Is your skin rough? Then you can reassure that you have an extremely dry skin. It is logical that with such a skin you naturally use more care products to restore the natural protective layer of the skin.

You can maintain as a system that if you want to answer the question "which skin type I have" a red skin indicates sensitive skin.

For example, red skin can be emerged as a response to, for example, wrong care products. Also something to keep an eye on.

Each skin is different again and has other properties

Each skin is different and has its own sensitivities. Each skin also has its strong and less strong properties. Did you know that at least a quarter of people in the Netherlands has dry skin?

This skin is often also thinner and the skin produces little sebum. You see dry trees in the skin on this skin. The skin barrier is also disrupted with this skin. You can also have to deal with combined skin, a combination of skin types.

Your cheeks can then feel dry, while the T-zone part is shiny because an abundance of tallows is created. Sensitive skin often arises through the use of wrong cosmetics and too much sunlight.

In such cases there is often chips on the skin and the skin also shows red. The skin then makes an unhealthy impression.

What is my skin type? Do I have normal skin?

Are we specifically looking at the facial skin and do you have normal skin? Realize that this skin also needs care. Make sure the skin remains hydrated and not too fast older.

So just clean your skin every morning and evening and remove the dead skin cells. Use a nourishing face serum and a peeling. Then you are sure that the skin remains in order.

More attention to dry skin in your face

Of course you pay more attention to your face when there is dry skin. Clean the skin with a milk, an oil or cleaning water without using products where alcohol is incorporated.

Dry skin means intensively hydrating intensively twice a day, preferably with a nourishing cream and a hydrating serum or a booster with hyaluronic acid.

In addition, use a hydrating mask once a week. Your dry skin will definitely refurbish.

What do you do with sensitive skin?

You can of course also have very sensitive skin in your face. If you are despolent, use sensitive skin more dismantling in the form of a cleaning foam or a special milk.

With a face toner you can try to calm the skin and hydrate with a face serum with preferably a light texture. Then you can create cream.

Use special eye cream for sensitive skin and mainly avoid products that have alcohol or fragrances, as you also leave potential irritants left behind.

You can improve the condition of the skin in every situation

"What type of skin I have" is one of the most frequently asked questions. Of course the answer is relevant, but you now know what skin type you also have something to do to improve the situation of the skin.