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Cookies are small text files with data that are stored on your computer's hard drive via your browser when you visit a website. For example, certain settings for a website are stored in these files, so that you do not have to set them every time you visit. A unique ID can also be stored, so that a website can, for example, measure how many unique visitors have visited the site, or can keep track of which pages you have visited, so that other relevant pages can be offered on that basis. Although a cookie can therefore be used to store a unique profile of the user in question, cookies never contain personal information, such as name or address details.

The Paula's Choice website uses cookies for various purposes.


We use cookies to ensure that the site continues to work properly and is easy to use. In this respect:

Saving preferences so that you do not have to set them again with each visit (such as language choice)

Keeping track of certain settings or data when you navigate from page to page (such as filter settings or your shopping cart)

Saving the contents of your shopping cart, so that it is saved for a subsequent visit.

Saving your login details (if you have activated this in your browser at your first login)

Remembering entered data, so that you can quickly use it again (if you have activated this functionality in your browser)

Being able to have a chat conversation with customers who have questions.

Load the servers evenly, so that the site continues to work quickly.

We use Salesforce Commerce Cloud as the platform for our websites. For completeness, we also refer to the privacy statement of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


We measure the use of our website through a number of third-party tools. We do this to detect and fix errors on our site, to increase ease of use and to test new functionalities or design (so-called A / B tests). These tools use cookies for this.

We use Google Analytics for general statistics, such as page views, unique users, time per page / visit, conversion rate, etc. For completeness, we also refer to Google's privacy statement here.

We use Hotjar to research the use of the pages. For the sake of completeness, we also refer to Hotjar's privacy statement here.

We use Visual Website Optimizer to perform A / B tests. For completeness, we also refer to the privacy statement of Visual Website Optimizer.


We use advertising networks to show users who are interested in our products advertisements for our products and promotions on other websites. These advertising networks use cookies to create a unique profile, which records which pages you have visited, in order to show the correct advertisements based on that. This is done anonymously. No personal information, such as name or address information, is therefore stored or a link is made with your account at Paula's Choice.

Cookies are also used to link the display of the advertisement to a possible purchase of the product, so that a fee can be paid to the advertising network on this basis.

We use the following networks, among others. Click on the network name to view the privacy statement of that network.

Rakuten / Linkshare



Trade tracker







VE Interactive





The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance has developed a tool that allows you to see which advertising networks keep track of information. Here is also the option to deregister your browser from one or more networks. NB: this does not only apply to the sites of Paula's Choice, but to all sites you have visited or will visit. For more information, visit


You can delete already placed cookies and refuse the placing of new cookies via the browser settings on your computer. The way in which differs per browser; if necessary, consult the help function of your browser.

For the most common browsers you will find links to the relevant help pages below:




Internet Explorer


PLEASE NOTE: if you refuse and / or delete cookies, you will not always be able to use all the features of a website. In addition, refusing or removing cookies only affects the computer and browser on which you perform this action. If you use multiple computers and / or browsers, you must repeat the action (s) as often as necessary.

More information about how we handle your data can be found in our Privacy Statement. It also describes how you can request your data and how you can exercise the right to be forgotten.

If you have any questions about our cookie policy or our privacy statement, you can of course contact us via the following contact details:
Paula's Choice Europe B.V.
Telephone number from the Netherlands: 020- 345 84 26
Telephone number from Belgium: 03-808 29 24
Email address:
Postal address: Grote Koppel 7, 3813AA Amersfoort, the Netherlands

This Cookie Policy can be changed by Paula's Choice from time to time, if new developments take place and / or it deems this necessary.